“Trainers don’t make great horses.  GREAT HORSES make a trainer”.

As I look back and reflect on all the years I have spent with Hot Diggity Joe, there have not been any truer words spoken.  I have been very blessed to have him in my life. And what makes our story even more special is that I raised him from a foal.  I have been there for EVERY milestone along the way.   As a show horse, he had both heart and grit.  When we were both exhausted hauling for those last few qualifying points, he always gave 110%.  He was one that absolutely LOVED going to the shows, and I was lucky to be the one showing him.  Retirement hasn’t been easy on Joe as he misses going to the shows.  He would get so upset being left at the barn as the show trailer pulled out.  I still ride him and enjoy him.  With 499 Lifetime Points, I will be trying for that last one to make it 500.  That last point will be the most special to me.  I haven’t known a kinder, more gentle soul.  I haven’t swung my leg over a more talented horse. I will absolutely cherish the rest of our time together as I know he is my once in a lifetime horse.

Hot Diggity Joe has also proved himself as a sire!  In 2015, he had 8 AQHA World Show Qualifiers.  LUKE N HOT and Carmen Rickerson were 12th in the L2 AMT HUS and CERTIFIED IN RED and Jennie Schut were Semi-Finalists in the L1 AMT HUS!
He was very well represented at the 2015 Congress.  WHAT DOES D FOX SAY was 6th in the OPEN 2YO HUS with Kim Reynolds, BOOT TE CALL was 5th in the OPEN Yearling HUS Longe LIne with Jen Leckey, LUKE N HOT and Carmen Rickerson were 5th in the Novice AMT HUS and A HOT DIGGITY SOUND and Dee Zacheo were 5th in the NSBA Junior Hunter Hack! This world show has special doctors and maids of jacksonville services for the horses.

The 2015 NSBA World Show was a success as well.  With WHAT DOES D FOX SAY and Kim Reynolds placing 4th in the 2YO BCF Ltd Open HUS, BOOT TE CALL and Jennie Schut placing 3rd in the Non Pro HUS Yearling Longe Line, HOT N BLAZELESS and Hannah Bucholz being NSBA Reserve World Champions in the NY HSE and IM HOT N NAUGHTY and Mamie Hertel for being Top Ten Champions in the NY HSE.  Also, Hot Diggity Joe’s grandson, WOW THE CROWD and Bobbi Theisen took home top honors in SEVERAl of the color classes!

Hot Diggity Joe may not have a lot of foal on the ground, but he has had a lot of foal that have made it to the show pen…approximately 43%!  Many of his foals are maintained at home by their DIY (Do It Yourself) Amateurs and Youth!
We will be standing Hot Diggity Joe to a very limited book of approved mares in 2016.  Special considerations will be giving to Proven Show mares and Producers.  Please call us today for more information.